Monday, January 3, 2011

H - To drug one's child or not? That is the question....

After a hellish, and I mean hellish, flight to the UK and the return flight I think I will give F gravol on our next trip. I have come to this decision via a strong disagreement with this traveling ritual of some parents. But having done too many awful trips with little miss energiser bunny I am coming round to another way of thinking. So tell me what you think please.

Here's my rationale:
Most often on flights F should be sleeping anyway for some of the time.
She gets so unbelievably overtired she cannot handle going to sleep.
She loses all ability to use her coping mechanisms.
She is totally overwrought in a way only sleep can cure.

Here's a discussion of interest

So I think I'll discuss it with her doctor, but let me know your thoughts.