Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tiny Tot Temper Tantrums

My husband says to me a few weeks ago "What happened to our easy going baby?"

It's over. She's discovered pouting, fake cries and the now infamous temper tantrums! Throwing herself on the floor. Stomping around the living room yelling "NO NO NO!". What triggered it this time you ask?....
Her loving dad caved in to her cheese request but made the mistake of offering a cheese stick instead of a Babybel cheese! That was our house this morning.

She never says yes. Sometimes she will nod her head in affirmation but godforbid she says the word! "NO" however is said repeatedly. Sometimes with a wagging finger.

Some say "Ignore them" when they throw a tantrum. Don't react, show them that it doesn't give them what they want, keep speaking to them in a gentle manner about something else". Tried this yesterday. Result: 20 minutes straight of yelling and crying. There were some intermittent moments where she picked herself up off the floor to go ride her horse but all while crying and screaming then back to the floor. Seriously kid? GIVE IT UP!!

I was at such a loss having tried different techniques that as she was screaming I sat at my computer and ordered 2 toddler parenting books from Amazon. I'm now anxiously awaiting them. How sad is that?

Here's the kicker: she's an angel at daycare.

What did happen to my easy going baby???