Friday, January 14, 2011

K - weeknight meal planning for sanity

I was so happy to see some of your meal ideas, and especially recipes! Lately, in the balancing act of life, having something good to eat for supper is one of those challenges that we're really trying to work on. C, when she is well (i.e., not this week!), is eating pretty much what we eat. We do try to keep something on hand that's quick in case she's in a picky mood or our supper is taking too long to prepare. (She loves frozen homemade chicken fingers, cooked veggies with pasta, mini-pitas with humus, banana...) It's only recently that we are all sitting down to eat together, and it takes a lot of coordination because C and J only get home around 6:00, hence the meal planning! But we find that if we can eat right away together, we get to spend a little time with her before bedtime. So, I get off work a bit earlier and motor home in order to have supper ready when they get home.

So, here are the meals we ate the past 2 weeks. Like some of you had mentioned, we're now planning meals on the weekend and getting groceries accordingly. We try to do meals that make good leftovers on Sundays and near the beginning of the week so we have good repeats either for supper or lunches. Things deteriorate a bit the nearer we get to Friday!

Sunday: Quesadilla
Monday: Chicken Casserole (of the Campbell's Soup variety - but we all like it!)
Tuesday: Beef stew (slow cooker)
Wednesday: Salmon and couscous with salad
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Frozen pizza (I love the thin-crust ones that are always on sale at Provigo!!)

Sunday: Tofu & veggie stirfry with rice (bottled sauce)
Monday: Tuna casserole
Tuesday: Leftover stirfry
Wednesday: Leftover casserole
Thursday: Baked chicken and veggies
Friday: Chicken caesar wraps (with leftover chicken from last night)

So this week there was a lot of repetition!! Probably could have planned for an extra meal in there, but we don't mind the leftovers and we had a rough week with C being home sick a lot, so it was nice just to have food in the house that was ready to eat at the touch of a microwave button!

A few notes:
-C LOVES the quesadillas, which consist of: refried beans, shredded chicken, corn, black olives, cheese and salsa. Put it all in whole wheat tortilla and fry in the frying pan. It makes great leftovers! I like to eat them with sour cream and guacamole.

-When I cook chicken (e.g., for the quesadillas), I cook enough for a second meal - last week, we used that the next night in chicken casserole. This week, it was chicken caesar wraps on day 2 (which take about 5 minutes to throw together - a real favourite!)

-Lunch ideas: I'm really tired of sandwiches for lunch, so I like to take leftovers instead and most of these meals do well for travel and re-heat. Another lunch idea I'm enjoying lately is homemade greek salad. I never usually find that salads are enough to fill me up enough, but this one is really quite good:

Greek salad: cucumber, tomato, red onion, black olives, feta cheese, red/green pepper. Olive oil and lemon juice, with a bit of oregano.

I don't have links to any of the recipes, but maybe I'll make a separate post later with a few of the good ones. I'm enjoying seeing all of your ideas too! I'm planning on trying some new things out this weekend based on your suggestions, so I'll let you know how it goes!