Thursday, June 9, 2011

M - The one tooth biting wonder

Hi Ladies! Long time since someone has posted! Wish I had a funny story to share...I'm still in denial that the first yoga baby has turned 2!! Where on earth has the past 2 years gone?

Today's cry for help relates to breastfeeding....I'll be honest...right now, I want to stop. I want to stop right this second! I want to have stopped weeks ago. Why? Because Loïc feeds every 2 hours at night, he only calms for the boob, he only falls asleep on the boob. I know the benefits of breastfeeding and will keep it going because of that....and it is an easy way to calm him....but I am burnt out. I could deal with the lack of sleep and the constant need for him to take milk....but the new development is that he is constantly biting me with his one tooth. So far, I've been bitten about 6 times since Saturday. Sometimes it seems accidental, most times seem deliberate. Every time he bites me I instanty put him down and let him cry for a few minutes. Now, I'm super nervous everytime I feed him which he probably senses..

Loïc is starting solids. We had planned a baby led weaning/puree hybrid approach this time...and it's funny, he does great with whole hunks of food- the kid will not take a spoon from us!!! He's pretty much eating what we are...not enough to replace feeds yet though but it's starting! He's starting to take some water from a sippy cup but will absolutely not take a bottle.

So ladies, any advice? Anything to help me either get him to stop biting/eating constantly or even on how to start weaning??? HEEEELP!!!!