The Moms

We're a group of 8 moms. Most of us met through a yoga class, and some in a prenatal class. We've decided to start this blog to catch up with each other, since we're too busy for any leisurely playdates.

We don't have all the answers, and really not so zen. Oh and the yoga? Ha, between the feedings, and the screeching and the scooty babies wandering off their mats, there was very little yoga that went on in that class.

Let me introduce the ladies (in alphabetical order)

A. Mom of Ap.

C. Mom of N.

H. Mum of Freya. She's a mum, not a mom, so you might be able to guess from where she hails. She's trying to work and be a mum but finding the zen bit very difficult.

J. Mom of Alex. She's a stay at home mom. She tries to keep her sanity through crafting. Alex was born in July/09 and she hasn't slept since. She is also the webmaster of this blog if you have any complaints, umm too bad.

K. Mom of Cl.

M. Mom of Rand and Loïc. When not on back to back maternity leave, works as a pediatric occupational therapist which has in no way prepared her for the reality of parenthood!  Is still trying to figure out how she became a mom to two kids only 17 months apart!  Knitting is my sanity saver!
Mac. Mom of E.

S. Mom of Avery. She's a stay at home mom who recently moved across the country with her little family. Yay for having grandparents in the same city and boo for moving away from this great circle of friends.