Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Potty training

Well we have arrived at the potty training time. F has been ready for a while, talking about it, reading about it (The Potty Book and Diapers at not forever) sitting on it, standing on it, dare I say it, observing mummy.

So we decided to go for it, I bought knickers/panties/pants/underwear whatever you want to call it, we checked with the daycare that they'd be up for it and we were set to go. And the same week she spontaneously peed in the potty a couple of times.

So we began the first weekend we stayed home all Saturday, she sat on the potty many times, peed in it once I think and wet about 3 pairs of knickers and some trousers. Hmmm. But we continued on the Sunday and had a few more successes which we went crazy over and gave her stickers to put on her potty when she did well.

She wore pullups at daycare but didn't really succeed that week. The next weekend we continued the regimen and had moderate success, still we weren't sure we were doing the right thing.

After the next week of negativity from daycare we decided, one more weekend of trying then forget it till she's older (not wanting to give her a complex). And on Sunday night when I was just about to give up she clearly 'tried' to pee, and succeeded and was so pleased with herself. HURRAY - the EUREKA moment.

And since then it's improved daily, she's almost dry, we had one accident last weekend. Number 2s are less reliably done in the loo because she will often do them in her nap time or bedtime nappy.

So my next question is, do I buy cloth potty training pants for daycare seeing as this process takes a little longer than I thought? I'm not keen on pull-ups. So I'm researching it and I think it will be better because F will still feel the wetness when she pees which the pull-ups don't do.

I'll give you an update.....